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Bouw mobiele veldoplossingen

Geen codering nodig


Create solutions that mirror your own processes

Build no-code apps that you can deploy quickly and easily

Transformeer uw bedrijf in 4 eenvoudige stappen 


1. Build your Solution

2. Start Using the App

Use WorkMobileSolutions simple cloud-based drag-&-drop form designer to build your mobile solution using our toolbox of pre-built widgets. Click a button and deploy to multiple platforms.

Once deployed to your workforce you can begin to send and receive business data in real-time. Can be used across multiple use cases and multiple departments all with no Capex.


3. Store Data in the Cloud

Stored securely in the cloud you can automatically retrieve any data in any format you require. Automatically generate reports and documents, create trigger notifications or send to BI Dashboards, all in real-time.


4. Integrate

Go a step further and integrate the WorkMobile platform into your existing systems and infrastructure to create seamless workflows and extend your current back-office capability to your mobile field force.

Connect your mobile workforce to your back-office

Gain real-time end-to-end visibility of your operation

Here's how it works ...

Workmobile in 4 easy steps ...

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What is no-coding?

In simple terms, no-code app development enables apps to be built without the need to write code. These development platforms enable users to drag-and-drop pre-configured blocks to create advanced, bespoke applications, without the necessity for those creating the app to hold advanced programming skills. As a result, employees who have a good understanding of internal business functions and the requirements of the app, but who lack the development knowledge or capacity to create applications from scratch, are able to easily build an app and add functionality with the specific end user in mind. 

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Met de Workmobile Toolkit kunt u uw eigen Business Specific Mobile Field Solutions creëren